Have you change/renew your IC?

as title showed, have you renew your IC already? if between 18 to 25 years old, you can renew without penalty,just pay RM 10 for the process.if you renew after 25 years old, you might get penalty as showed below.

Is it compulsory to change the IC ? Can we still use the old IC without changing it?

yes, its compulsory to change. if you not changing it, you might get penalty (highest rm250) when you wanted to renew (according to your age). OR when you lost it, you have to pay rm 100 to get a new one.
i think, still can use the old IC, but just be safe to renew one, i know some of the people doesn’t feel like changing it because of annoying process those…
but according to my experience, you change IC only take you 5 mins (yesterday i made it), n then around 1 hour you can get your new IC~ quick n easy.(like making passport. :smiley:

So basically, if we did not lose our IC, we would have no need in renewing it right? i’m really hate waiting in line…and wasting my time…

btw, really thanks for your information above :slight_smile:

Didn’t myKad come out many years ago? :stuck_out_tongue:

This remind me I need to renew IC.

I done that last week, fast and easy.

@gameaddict i wish your IC dont lost~> <’’
@Envoy yes, it is they change the design n also some function added (i x know what function is added, need to research awhile~
@whatman dnt hesitate to renew IC~ as @GTSW20 said, fast n easy~
@GTSW20 good job~‘w’