Have fitness will travel, Penguang tells women, youths

Members of Joyous Zumba Fitness Marudi celebrate their win.

MARUDI: The Sarawak government acknowledges the importance of keeping fit and healthy and in this regard, it strives to raise this awareness to the people.

Moreover, it is also doing its best to provide facilities for the people to exercise, run recreational activities and also to remain active.

In relation to this, Assistant Minister of Local Government Datu Dr Penguang Manggil believes that the Marudi Waterfront, upon its completion, would serve as a very suitable place for fitness and recreational activities.

Nevertheless, he also encourages the people to continue living active and healthy lifestyles by taking part in activities conducted by local fitness and recreations clubs.

“I call upon more youths and women to join healthy activities like this ‘Zumba Fitness’ session,” he said at the start of the ‘Zumba Master Class Workout Party Evolution Fitness’ at Baram Civic Centre here on Sunday.

In jest, Penguang said upon entering the civic centre, he initially thought that he had come to the wrong event.

“It was because I saw there were so many women. Later, I found out that all of you had come to take part in this healthy programme.

“I hope that there would be more of such programme going forward, with more youths and women taking part,” said the Marudi assemblyman.

Meanwhile in her remarks, Marudi Hospital director Dr Nor Rumaizah Mohd Nordin encouraged everyone to always stay active by doing exercises or playing sports for at least 150 minutes a week –roughly translating to between two and three hours per week, or around 20 minutes every day.

“A good exercise programme is very beneficial, as it can significantly help reduce the risks of getting high blood pressure, heart problems, and even stroke. It can also lower the risk of contracting cancer.

“In this regard, I call upon all parties to work with us, including those from the Health Department and the public,” said Dr Nor Ruzaimah, reiterating Penguang’s call for more clubs and organisations to hold more health and fitness activities for the public.

The mass Zumba workout, organised and conducted by Zurainah Manjawie of Zin Rynna Evolution Fitness Permyjaya and Kelab Kecergasan Evolution Permyjaya from Miri, involved about 170 local youths and women.

There was also a competition being held that day, gathering several local Zumba groups.

Team Joyous Zumba Fitness Marudi outperformed respective runners-up, PPJRM Pink and Funky Famous, to win the competition.

Local Malay community leaders Penghulu Endrews Abdul Gaphar and Ketua Kaum Man Galau were also present.

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