Happy Birthday to Uchu Keling

Happy Birthday!

Wish u all the best :smiley: :smiley:

Happy Birthday my friend!

Happy B’day Uchu… ALL THE BEST!!!

Happy Birthday to you Uchu…


Happy birthday Uchu Keling.

May God bless you with many more birthdays to come.

Ngetu dulu di pasar Miri,
Datai di Miri meli duku,
Tiap taun umur kitai niki,
Berapa umur nuan uchu?

HappY BIrthday Uchu Keling
But wish you the very best on your birthday and days ahead!!!

Happy Birthday Mr Uchu Keling!

Happy Birthday Mr Uchu Keling!

Happy birthday to you, Uchu Keling !

ya,happy birthday sir :slight_smile:

Happy Bestday UK! Many happy returns of the day!

Wow… honestly I am deeply touched by this posting. I may not know you guys in person, but I believe this will be a good reason why I should make it a point to be present at your activities in the future.

I have missed the one at Imperial due to work, but I look forward to join up, God willing, if I am free.

Thank you to all that have send me best wishes via Facebook, SMSes, emails, via my blogs and special thanks to huilee for creating the post.

You guys have made my day a memorable one… and it has been a great 40 years and I am looking forward the number 41.

Uchu Keling

hehe… Uchu, Happy Birthday yah! Best of luck in your future undertakings!!

nyabak tisi pendam :cry: :cry:

hepi besday agai UK…
nda pa…next projek ga…

Happy birthday Uchu Keling.

Happy Birthday Uchu!

soon be approaching that age,
where all you wish for on a birthday…
is another one!

Enjoy the Day.

not soon…its today…

Happy Birthday Keling.

All The Best!

happy birthday UK,welcome to the 40s club…that’s the age when my eyes started to see blur blur…lolz

Happy Birthday ngagai nuan Uchu Keling, anang ngira umurnya, asal jak agik steady (sigat) ahhh.
All the best to u & RD.com :mrgreen: