Half size, full price

I bought this at miri open market this morning. Only a few kuih stall is open. And only 1 kuih stall selling “chang”.

Look at the size, half of its “normal” size.


how much u pay for that?


minyak naik punya pasal

barisan nasional punya pasal lah ni. hehehe. Nowadays so easy. Just point to barisan nasional.

i thought kuih chang normally costs rm2.80?

wahhh…this mrng i look everywhr for chang but no one selling.used to buy at coffee shop next to tamu kdayan but now closed.
Veil: only at Hot Cross only.worth every bit althou getting smaller now.

oh… i seldom buy kuih chang in miri. only in sibu.

o yeah…sibu is food haven for non-halal food. :mrgreen:

if go to sibu… must eat pork pork pork and pork

they sell pork at pasar malam sibu,bintulu . miri pasar malam no pork.

miri HALAL hub?

Yea but alot of halal food. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

LOL…but gonna agreed that many food in sibu are simply delicious…and cheap too.

delivery car use ron97 meh?? :mrgreen:

delivery car use ron97 meh?? :mrgreen:[/quote]

aiya… good excuse ma that one… ron 97 up… so everything go up lah… BN= Barang Naik

delivery car use ron97 meh?? :mrgreen:[/quote]
ron 95 later will naik also :mrgreen:

nanti beer naik lagi…

i bought for RM2 at Pasar Besar Krokop, the size is exactly like the one you’ve shown.

normally, the size is big… but sibu one is much bigger