Half/Full Body Waxing in Miri?

I’m looking for a place or should I say a good place to do full leg waxing. Anyone know any good place? I know Payot has that service and their pricing for Full leg is around RM60 i think.

the beauty house near gk supermarket does full body waxing. u can try them. i go there all the time. forgot how much their full leg waxing cost cos i normally go for full body

yeah. i went to ask that beauty house next to gk supermarket. so far thats the cheapest i can find for full leg waxing. RM70. Might go for that one :slight_smile:

u wan good waxing…leg? brazillian? i think try go to the salon near columbia asia. the corner 1st floor shop.

how much is the leg waxing? i want full body waxing oso. huhu

if u want waxing? y spend on the service. buy your own waxing kit for home use. selling rm299 plus free 2 catrige refill

brazilian wax?

Can yry to go ‘waxing empire’ near boulevard area.