Halal bbq steamboat in miri?

Hi guys,

Looking for halal bbq steamboat??? I know the place already…

Now kat Miri ada Halal bbq steamboat korean style…buffet lagi @ RM18 per pax exclude drinks…sedapppppppppppppppppp!!! Location kat Taman Awam Miri, up the hill side…Owner is a lovely malay couple…i gi last weekend, besttttttt…you all should try lah…siap ada open karaoke lagi… :smiley:

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Michael steamboat did have the ‘serve no pork’ sign but like someone mention need certificate or something,kinda expensive too.

“Michael steambot” around blyvd considered? thers a sign “no pork serve”, operating by Chinese anyway.

http://www.makanmaniacs.com/2008/12/taw … mboat.html

hi everyone…i would like to announce that i am going to open bbt steamboat restaurant in miri,permai area (nearby shell station-mc donald drive thru). we r going to offer almost 100 variety of foods and free flow of Chinese tea. we want to be the best bbq steamboat in town and help us to reach that target. please wait for our advertisement in newspaper. dont hesitate about the halal coz i am a malay and i guarantee you guys that i only serve halal food.

it’s very cold… and last nite I just went to the new malay steamboat’s restaurant in permy… Straw Hat… they don’t served BBQ steamboat though I love their baked chicken wings, the owner said it was marinated with cili api… hehe… and the cook is very young too… hahahahaha 21yrs old ikemen… hehhehe… and i tasted the dessert… i forgot the name… lemon meringue something… woa… nice…

and my friend did ordered meatloaf…she said it’s very delicious… what was interesting is the meatloaf menu… they put Meatloaf’s photo in it… (the singer) hahhahahaha what a sense of humor… they have some interesting food in the menu… stuff that u can’t find elsewhere in miri…

the owner said, since they just opened for 2 weeks, they will try to add in more food and varieties in the steamboat… i must say their tom yam sup is delicious and it’s not expensive … paying rm20 eating hot steamboat on cold weather always feel so good heh… y dont u guys try it??? i will go again once gaji keluar… kinda broke now… hahahhahah