Is there any hackers in Malaysia, like in the State and UK. I mean the serious type of hacker, not that Script kiddie piece of poo.

My sister told me that her Friendster ( back then when it was popular ) account was hacked by Indonesian hacker ( these Indonesian Hackers also claimed that they managed to break in into some of Malaysian Website )

Well, Is there any hackers in Malaysia ? That you might know ? if you may, can you give me their handle ?

indonesian hackers are good, but with good security they can be thawed. i can tell u that the hackers which gave me the most headache are from romania, russia, china, israel, turkey. iranian hackers are good too.

russian hackers can be considered the best in the world
and if hackers from china successfully hacked into google, yahoo, ibm servers, you think?

hey , i know about this duo , from russia that managed to hack into some of the state most high prof sites …

chinese hackers are very good at algorithm i think , they can crack lots of encryption. and yeah turkey too …

you seems to know lots about hackers mevotex, maybe you are one of em ?

nope, but its mostly either one of my websites or the websites i came across suddenly got defaced and someone put there “HAHAHA! HACKED! BROUGHT TO YOU BY RUSSIA/TURKISH/ROMANIAN/CHINESE HACKERS” :evil:

but hacker still unable to crack astro encryption

maybe its because they do not want too … or they already did it and don’t want to share , who want to share the good thing ? LOL

with sophisticated knowledge, anything can be hacked and cracked. in iran, the persians cracked a lots of software;

The U.S. has previously vetoed Iran’s ascension to the WTO 22 times, and as of 2007 actively refuses to support Iran’s full membership in the WTO. Thus, as a matter of reciprocity, Iran has determined that its interests are not served by observing WTO copyright treaties, and thereby making certain foreign copyrights unenforced by Iranian authorities, in theory, or in practice.

Microsoft products can be copied and distributed freely in Iran, whether by government offices, universities, or personal users. There is even 2 shopping centers in Iran known for selling pirated software. Recently, there has been a surge in Iranian “Warez” and “Crackz” websites, as the Iranian laws do not forbid hosting them in Iran. Hence, unlike most other countries where hosting these websites might potentially lead to prosecution, it is very efficient to do so in Iran. Iran is hence, a legal software piracy haven.

Living in Iran must have been great and scary at the same time …

I strongly believe that there must be at least an elite in Malaysia but doesn’t like show him/her self …

Ever heard of Gary McKinnon ? He hacked NASA and installed VNC like software in NASA’s computer … And there is this one , Kevin Mitnick i think, but hes more to social engineering stuff, and I think this dude is overrated just because he was cought a lot of time. A good hacker will never be cought …