Hacker hacked through Pokerist game!

My Pokerist game (pokerist.com) account was hacked this morning.
I was playing it at about 8am, then I went out for breakfast and when i return about an hour later, I can’t login!
I tried requesting new password to my account email but it said the email don’t exist. So I use my son’s account
to check via friend’s link and found my profile photo deleted, chips been transferred (not much only about 90k)
and Password/email changed.
Just before lunch I got more then 50 email flooding my gmail account and it is still coming (about 70 emails now)

I have tried to contact Pokerist.com support site but i can’t even visit the site this morning.
I spend the last hour changing my password on all my website account (including this MC.net) coz I used same username
and same password for all my account.

What else can I do? Anyone here have knowledge of this field or have similar experience/problem before?

Please advice - thanks in advance.