(whatman) #1

What do you think? Good? Bad? Give opinion please!

(Jass) #2

Got pro and con for GST as for my opinion. The good one is no one will able to escape from the tax. So it will be fair to all of the citizens. The not good one is that, although previously the sales tax is 10% and now already change to good tax 6%, difficult to see the price drop as some of the “peniaga” will use GST reason to increase the goods price.


How do business people put their prices on their labels for goods and services i.e example “RM10.00 nett” or “RM10.60” ? (RM10.60 inclusive of GST) The customer need good mental arithmetic or calculator before purchasing otherwise kurang duit …

(lace) #4

so hows the gst going on in miri ?
or next year