GST impact

i found out, after GST started to imply, i realized Bruneian not coming down to Miri to shopping. (good news for us?
and also, Bintang plaza no more traffic jam! :smiley: just now i went to parkson, inside was like so empty, not much customer around.
most of the shopping mall are empty…
what do you think?

Is there GST enforced in Brunei?

It’s never a perfect system. Good in certain ways, bad in many ways.

Now only Brunei doesn’t have gst in the world, I think. Last time was malaysia n brunei. oh well, brunei’s king is so rich. No need gst at all.

So it’s obvious now that Bruneians rather save their money than to pay more in Malaysia who is enforcing GST.

I dont think so GST will impact Brunei people because our Ringgit is getting worst! Few months ago, it cost me RM2.60 to get BD1.00 but now its RM2.71!

but to be honest, is GST really affecting that much?..
for example, when we eat at restaurant… they will usually charge 10% service and 5 % gov tax… but now it just become 10% service and 6 % GST…
am i wrong?

GST affects a lot actually.
Imagine buying a RM10K gaming computer, and the GST is RM600. :3

That RM600 before, you can buy a decent cooling system but now you don’t have.

And Brunei don’t apply tax to their own citizen because they have ZAKAT which is one of Islamic law.

It is against the Islamic law to apply tax for the citizen when the country a) have a source of income such as petroleum b) I forgot already :stuck_out_tongue: c) Yes, there’s more about it but I think no one actually want to study them deeply.

Bruneians will continue to depend on Malaysia for cheap shopping spree for obvious reason of the weaker ringgit. Moreover where is there to spend their money especially for dead towns like seria and kuala belait? Bruneians are already flogging MAS and AAsia flights to spend in places like KL even.

Good in a way as they continue injecting revenue to Malaysia especially Sarawak.

landhunt55 said:
Good in a way as they continue injecting revenue to Malaysia especially Sarawak.
what @landhunt55 is true. hahah~ well, GST looks like to be con more than pro, things become hard to manage and calculate. Before GST, RM 10 is RM10. After GST, RM10 is RM10.60, you got to take another RM0.60 to pay. well, since a baby born, parents have pay this and that until die. so basically, gov earn as much as they can tho. no?

Well, Malaysia still a better place to live.
Don’t worry that.

Compare to live in dead town, unless you’re old who want peace then there will be no problem.

Thing is…i wish we could get out from Malaysia,to secure a better future.

Sarawak can be a country no issue, i am very tired of getting rip off by Malaya.

Recently saying that, Johor is excluded GST… just because Agong is there~ lolololx~

Was just at the Customs’ website and found the list of goods (i.e. grocery items, food & beverages, beauty & health, etc) subjected to GST. The PDF is hosted on Google Drive:

OCR converted version is available below if you want to text search for specific items in the PDF.

Interesting - Nasi Lemak is also subjected to GST (Page 21 of 76). Lol

Who says less Bruneians will come to Miri after GST implementation? Every other car on the road is a Brunei car especially in town where there’s is food and shopping. LOL

i think first 2, 3 weeks is less… after that… flow back already~


Is it still on?

Just wondering.