GSM internet connectivity in miri

darn im so sick of celcom 3G right now. any other alternatives other than digi? maxis got enough 3G points?
sometimes when it works, u happily torrent up to 46kb/s at a stable manner, sometimes it doesn’t work, u sign in msn, after a while, connection lost. !!@#$!@#%!@! worst, u can’t load google

Try Maxis, will be batter, i know Celcom 3G have this problem long time ago, i use Maxis since 2 years ago for online and so far no problem. :smiley:

u using maxis bro ah lek lim?? but the broadband 3.5G is not everywhere right? heard from my relative that, he did try at home but the line convert to GSM then become slow! i wish to get one for my family at miri, the streamyx is fix at senadin and othe hse without the line!!

nowaday, brunei is having broadband war, which is b mobile vs dst broadband!! they offer max up to 7.2Mbps with free modem or router @ free laptop for sign up contract plan!!!

Yes the 3.5G was limited for some area. when out of the area it automatic switch to EDGE, but so far i never have problem with connection. If you want to try the real 3.5G speed for Maxis, try out at Boulevard commercial centre, damm fast speed :smiley:

Is Krokop 3 included in this limited area of service? I will have no internet next month :frowning: …no fixed-land line available at the moment in new house. I’m thinking of getting GSM connectivity until fixed-land line is available.

bah i use >3GB/mth ley… primarily dependant on it coz i dun hv streamyx at home. just here for studying purposes and anytime would move out type so streamyx ain’t so wise for mine

Well im not sure about there is any 3G coverage at krokop there or not. but the edge coverage was very wide in miri for maxis, or there is another solution for you try use the DeConnexion and it is for free but you may need to buy additional USB booster to get connected and highest speed.

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I’ve tried out DeConnexion with my laptop hoping to get signal but alas…non found despite having the transmitting tower in line of sight. I’m only about 1 km from the tower.
Maxis is better than DiGi for GSM connectivity?

[quote=“stay1”]I’ve tried out DeConnexion with my laptop hoping to get signal but alas…non found despite having the transmitting tower in line of sight. I’m only about 1 km from the tower.
Maxis is better than DiGi for GSM connectivity?[/quote]

ABout the problem with DeConnexion, as i mentioned earlier, you might need a external USB boost antenna to get connection. I have try out and there is lot of difference. about Digi and Maxis, it depend on situation, if your area can recieve Maxis 3G signal, then it is more advance and faster speed than Digi which only have EDGE at moment. If your area only can receive EDGE for both operator, than you may choose Digi because the monthly unlimited data package for Digi is much cheaper than Maxis.

pros comes first, cons latter
wide coverage over 3G connection, fast, unlimited
fast, reliable
limited coverage, usage downstream+up 3GB limit per month
reliable, EDGE available in major cities and towns throughout the country, unlimited usage
considerably slower than other competitors in the market

Maxis Have unlimited package too, it cost RM120 per month but dont know currently have any adjustment or promotion or not.

how to calculate the monthly usage of internet connection? cause i found brunei doing promotion and it offer free 2GB per mth by $38/= and additonal is $0.50/MB just max bill will be charge till $50/=… so that i dun understand how to calculate usage per mth!!!

Here they charge per kb one and if ur usage was reach RM120 during the month then u are free to use untill your billing statement date. That why they have unlimited RM120 package. correct me if im wrong

darn i’m really sick of celcom broadband now. can’t even sign in my msn. imagine that kinda life merely without internet. sometimes if ur unlucky enough, it might not even load google. these days google loads but, u might have to hit the refresh button so many times until it loads properly. days without msn is real sickening.
btw any maxis users out there? i do know curtin uni’s within the coverage, but not sure if others are. i hate the fact they have 3GB caps usage per month, and upload usage is included in the 3GB cap. digi is reliable but EDGE’s speed does have certain limitation over some usage