Greatest weekend ever

Share what is your greatest weekend in your lifetime?
My husband proposed to me… Now, I am no longer single and available :stuck_out_tongue:

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muahaha! Congratulation!
My greatest weekend ar?!!
Actually nothing much. I don’t which to be disturb by anyone…
I prefer to enjoy myself with fast internet speed watch online movie…

Just got my iphone 6s plus.
playing with it.
Best phone I ever had in my lifetime.
Spending my weekend to do research and study over this so called latest gadget in the world

Just got my new phone
playing with it.
Best phone I ever had in my lifetime.
Spending my weekend to do research and study over this so called latest gadget in the world

Being the greatest mother of my son.
I cooked for them


I have had many great weekend, but I will be keeping that to myself :heart_eyes:

HAHA! share abit la!
Anyway we just visit few wedding planner. To do some research on getting a nice wedding ceremory.
Wondering… should I do it at seaside? or just simple and nice chinese traditional wedding dinner…
So many task for me to plan on wedding…
I think on coming weekend, it will be more happening for my wedding decision and planning life…

ya! looking forward to become a mum too
Greatest mother is the one who can cook as children preferred taste

speeding in highway!! If not kena saman tat my greatest weekend ever!! hahaha

I will be seeing my fiance next weekend for the first time since August. I am very excited and happy to see him again. I have missed him a lot. Sucks when you have to be away from people you care about.

yup, totally agree on that. Me too, seldom to meet my gf bcoz of study different place, but we still keep in touch with phone. Just that I always faced a problem which is not enough data because of keep using social call all day long, By the way, you can still keep in touch with your fiance through phone. Did you?

Me too, facing the same situation here. I didn’t subscribe any postpaid plan, but only internet pass. After I start working use a lot of data, Currently was looking a good postpaid plan.

Maybe this might help you guys out. 6gb data a month should be more than enough rite??? but still no news for this plan. I was very curious to know. Heard that is only rm45 per month, dnt knw is truth or not!

Huh? kidding rite? rm45 per month with 6gb data? I want leh~~~ So cheap. Will stay tune their website to check whether is real or not.

Finally, sonyacincau has announced the celcom new plan. Weekend bonus data, a new technique that similar with xpax burung hantu. Specific time data

I prefer the first gold since weekend is off day. I have more time for me to surf. Definitely need more data :slight_smile:

No phone calls, no messages. The chance to be disconnected, leave the phone behind and have a real face to face conversation with someone while remembering how it felt to have great teary laughs. Those days are just hard to come by when everyone else are just constantly staring at some gadget they are holding.

But it’s hard for those who need to work at weekend. They need to keep in touch with their client or colleague through phone. If you are working or study can’t be with parents and during this time phone can be very useful. Not to disconnected entirely but can less playing. Now Celcom come with this weekend data, I think seldom ppl will choose not to play with gadget.

Why not Maxis? Line is stable and the speed is fast
Satisfied with it so much

Depend on area and preference, I prefer this first gold because of more data usage and the carry forward usage. Plus, this plan also rebate you data based on your monthly usage. Which can fulfill what I need, because weekend not at home no wifi to use. No choice have to pick a high quota plan.