Great website on simple & practical DIY ^_^

As I was searching for tips on home organizing few weeks back, I came across a website which offers both simple and practical tips on DIY. It is called ‘Engineer Your Space’ and hosted by Isabelle LaRue. There are also clips on YouTube where I (have since) watched most of them.

Apart from just watching, I actually tried out some of the ideas – the outcome is very encouraging - which I will hopefully share in near future, with the before & after photos.

Here’s the website:

That is so awesome! I am always looking for new things that I can make by hand. I have always loved being able to give my family home made gifts that I made. I think that they like them more than a normal gif that I would spend a ton of money on. I’ll have to check this site out!

I love projects that involve one getting their hands dirty! I am huge into crafts and DIY projects. I have made cat toys, USB gadgets, kitchen tools an storage… So much fun!

Very nice. I will have to look at more of these when I have time.

I am no crafter but I am tempted to try some of these out. Thanks!!