Grave concern over burial site near Sg Melinau, Mulu

Dennis (right) points to the burial ground.

MIRI: The indigenous community in Sungai Melinau Tutoh, Baram have voiced out their grave concern over a burial ground near Sungai Melinau in Mulu.

They claimed the burial ground located around 200 metres from Pengkalan Mulu and 30 metres from Mulu Airport terminal as belonging to the Penan community in Batu Bungan.

Dennis Along, chairman of Long Terawan/Mulu Community Action Council claimed the Penans did not ask for any permission from their headman or the penghulu in Mulu area.

Claiming that the Penan community in Batu Bungan have no right over the native customary rights (NCR) land in the area, Dennis said: “This is an encroachment of the Berawan/Tering land and an insult to our headman and community leader.”

According to Dennis, the burial ground did not augur well with Mulu as a tourist destination and was a source of pollution in Melinau River which serves as the main source of clean water for the community in Mulu.

In this context, they requested the assemblyman for the area and district officer to advise the Penan community in Batu Bungan to relocate the burial ground somewhere near their settlement area.

“This is a serious matter for us. They (Batu Bungan community) must respect our headman and community leaders by seeking permission in the first place and to safeguard harmonious living among those living in the area.”

Source: The Borneo Post

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