Grass Cutter Vacancy

Anyone who wants to be a grass cutter?

Have any family members / frens who might want to? Currently doing the Pusat Belia field. Work consist of doing house 2 house cutting as well. Salary is daily paid. I’m sick of my mum’s present good for nothing workers. Im serious.

p/s : grass cutting service anyone?

Thank you for your time.

My house got someone to cut the grass once a month. He’s job is good (4 out of 5 star). We give him RM25 per work done (not including sweeping).

I could ask him early Dec if you want to.

And welcome to Make yourself comfortable.

I have been using this guy service for the past 20 years, RM20+(include sweeping) well… depends also on how big your property is.

Pakcik Tjoh
Tel: 0198244460

Give him a ring and yes he’s old, but still doing a GREAT job!