Graphic designer

Vacancy for graphic designer, knowledge in coreldraw and adobe photoshop,


full time part time is available

partime i want,pm me pls the job spec. u meant im doing it at my home?

interested here… pm me for further info.

Pm me for you Personal Detail, the person must have knowledge in coreldraw and adobe photoshop

im interested for a part time too… pm me the spec …

Which company is this? A friend of mine is looking for graphic design job.

i not time to reply your all question, if you want find job, just pm me the resume, personal detail to me.

still available?

hi, I’m a part time graphics designer and looking for another part time graphics designer job.

my previous graphics works is on:-

  1. Miri street party banner & streamer design.
  2. Indie music fest 2010 bintang megamall
  3. Borneo DJ Showcase 2010 advert banner & ticket design
  4. Murpy T-shirt & banner design

and many more…my graphics skill mostly with Photoshop, illustrator, Paintshop and Corel.

who like to hire me??.. 8)