Grand Finale A Pet Affair Road Show!

Paws Miri are ready for our final big event of the year the Grand Finale of the A Pet Affair Road Show that will be held on 04, 05 and 06 October at the Permymall. Our A Pet Affair Road Show started in March this year and it has been very successful with many adoptions, we have reached lots of public and created more awareness and raised money to keep our non-profit NGO Paws Miri to continue with rescuing more animals.

Our Grand Finale will be a spectacular one with a Cat Photo Contest, a Dog Photo Contest and the Paws Doggie Treasure Hunt! We are also very proud to announce that Musa Musbah and his team Save the Piasau Hornbill will be joining us for the three days! Various seminars will be given during the 3 days; Save the Piasau Hornbills by Musa Musbah, Cat care & grooming by Diorarmani and Dog Care & grooming by Shusi. And lots of merchandise and promotions are offered from the various booths: QQ Pet House, V Pet Centre, Aarons Organic Dog Shampoo, Kim Lee Pets, Golden Pets and Paws Miri. Paws Miri will also bring cats for adoption on Saturday and dogs for adoption on Sunday!

The opening on Friday and the closing on Sunday will be done by Cr. Robert Ayu (chairman of community development and green culture)!
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Anyone can enter the Cat Photo Contest, Dog Photo Contest and Doggie Treasure Hunt!!! REGISTER NOW!!! Dont miss out!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Registration for the Cat Photo Contest is open till tonight (Friday) 21.00 hours! Registration for the Dog Photo Contest is open till tomorrow (Saturday) 17.00 hours!

All our cats for adoption will be there on Saturday and all our dogs for adoption will be there on Sunday!

QQ Pet House, V Pet Centre and Kim Lee Pets have started already!

For those who bought pet snakes during the show, feel free to PM me with any inquiries and purchasing of food for your snake. Have a nice day!