Grace Garden, Grace Hill and Grace Ville

Anyone has any opinion or comment about Grace Garden’s house? Would like to know any good or bad things about Grace Garden’s houses or their Developer… Thanks.

:smiley: Very good .

bad thing is sunami datang u mati dulu lor!!!

where is grace gadong jor har?

grace garden at nite can hear little bit of sea breeze :stuck_out_tongue:

lols bu bu cheryl live at grace garden?

I dont think so… Plenty of big mansions to block the tsunami before that. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

like tat also can?

chor mai um det ler!! hahhhhhaah

Grace garden house area is a quiet and prime place…
i dun think it will be affected by tsunami, far from the sea line.

a prime area for long term investment / living…with freehold land title.

developer is Yong Lung, most of the major renovation done by developer and sell it together with whole package.
Sure the selling price is much expensive but you do not need to do massive renovation.