GPS Tracker : A must for car safety

Technology of self-intelligently locking monitored object
It can be randomly placed or installed in hidden locations without external antenna.
Enhanced GPS signal reception
GSM module with four frequency band, and it can be used with global roaming service.
Large-capacity rechargeable battery makes it work continuously for 150 hours.
Extensible external 9-30V power supply
Users can get on the Internet to monitor objects without installing any software.
A portable design without installation makes it applied flexibly to children, elder, pets, vehicles, etc.

1)Monitoring and Positioning Inquire the real-time location, time, speed, status and other information.
2)Tracking Follow up the tracks of monitored object and mark at that time.
3)Emerging Call Users can timely rescue the objects calling emergency.
4)Monitoring of Safety Zone When the monitored object entering or leaving the pre-set safety zone, device will inform the information to users mobile phone and platform of computer.
5)Speed Limit When speed is beyond the set value, device will inform the information to users platform of computer.
6)Computer/Mobile Phone Inquire Users can get on the Internet by computer or mobile phone to inquire the real-time location and information of monitored object.
7)Historical Track You can inquire the historical track of monitored object within a specified period of time online through a computer.
8) Alarm When the monitored object goes beyond or triggers the set monitoring functions, the real-time alarm information and records of location will be sent to users mobile phone and platform of computer.
9)Vehicle Anti-theft After the user sets anti-theft alarm for vehicle, when the vehicle is illegally moved, opened the door or ignited, vehicle alarm information will be sent to users mobile phone and platform of computer.
10)Management Settings Users can set or modify the password to enter the platform and user group by themselves.
11)Status Display Users can know the setting status of device and vehicles travel or parking information through the platform of computer.
12) Alarm Query Users can inquire the historical alarm information and alarm scene through platform of computer at any time.
13) Add Point of Interest-Original function of add point of interest in Google map.

One Off Price RM 1,000
No monthly Monitoring Fee
Include installation fee


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Many 4WD got a long antenna. Does anybody know what is that for? (Pic attached)

FM transceiver