‘GPS knows what’s best for Sarawakians’

Dennis Ngau

MIRI: Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) knows what is best for its people and will continue to provide a secured future for their children.

And being a true Sarawak-based political alliance, there is no way for GPS to turn its back on the people, Telang Usan assemblyman Dennis Ngau said.

“It is nothing new that Pakatan Harapan (PH) local leaders make all kinds of promises, especially what they will do better than GPS if they come to power in Sarawak.

“We have heard and read that before. What happened to all their promises?

“How PH came to power at the last general election is already a public domain.

“Needless to say, what’s on the mind of voters today is everyone’s guess,” he said to The Borneo Post yesterday when asked to comment on a remark by Saratok MP Ali Biju that PH is the future political alliance for Sarawak during a recent Gawai celebration at Rh Panting along Sungai Teniku, Miri-Bintulu road.

Dennis reminded the people of Sarawak to learn from the past by not gambling the state’s future with PH’s political rhetoric.

“History taught us that development does not come easy but only happens with a team of steady and excellent leaders.

“Therefore, I believe to Sarawakians, what matters most to them is their needs are taken care by the political party which runs the state government. Sarawakians are knowledgeable and smart and there is no need for anyone to show them which political party they want to live their life with, day in day out with confidence and peace of mind.”

PH had claimed that they would bring better development to Sarawak if they were in power, but Dennis pointed out that they did not have to wait for that day to come because as government at federal level it is their duty and responsibility to ensure progress in all the states in Malaysia, regardless of their political affiliation.

“PH Sarawak leaders should have already rolled their sleeves and get down to work and bring development funds to our state.

“There is no need for them to say what they are going to do for Sarawak if they come into power one day.

“It is because Sarawakians will not allow the state government to fall into the hands of Malaya-based parties.”

Since Sarawak gained its independence and under the Barisan Nasional (BN) and now GPS, he said the state government had brought huge development and success to Sarawak, making its citizens’ life so much better as compared to 60 years ago.

“Of course, we do not deny there are still among us pockets of poverty but this too has been greatly reduced since independence.

“And the state government under the able-leadership of Chief Minister Datuk Patinggi Abang Johari Tun Openg continues to work very hard and roll out numerous development agendas, including in my constituency of Telang Usan.

“As compared to the day when Britain passed the ruling button to Sarawakians we have progressed far ahead.

“Who wants to deny that? The opposition will never be appreciative of what the state government under GPS has achieved.”

He made his point clear that making promises and delivering the promises are two difference things.

“When PH local leaders promise a better and progressive Sarawak if they rule Sarawak, they should come with concrete masterplan.”

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