Govt urged to upgrade, expand Selangau Tamu

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Seman Agan

MIRI: The government is urged to upgrade and expand the Selangau Tamu (fresh produce market) to cater to the growing number of farmers and traders.

According to president of Pemansang Dayak Selangau Branch, Seman Agan, Selangau is known for diversified farming, and over the years, the number of farmers in the area had grown tremendously.

Seman said Dayaks in Selangau are mostly involved in farming and breeding. Many of them sell their own produce at the tamu.

He was proud that Dayaks in Selangau do their own marketing. But because of this, Selangau tamu is overcrowded with mostly Dayak farmers.

Seman hoped the government can upgrade the tamu which was getting too cramped and unable to accommodate the growing number of traders and farmers.

“As a Dayak-based non-government organisation, Pemansang Dayak Selangau Branch is the voice of Dayak farmers, and I urge the authorities to upgrade the tamu so local traders can market their produce in comfort,” he said.

A more spacious place can be set up to reduce congestion at the current tamu.

“If there is a suitable and comfortable place for these farmers to market their products, it will help reduce congestion at the present marketplace.

”Now some of them are resorting to selling by the roadside which is dangerous. We are concerned about their safety,” he said.

Seman stressed that Pemansang Dayak’s focus is on the welfare of the Dayak community, especially in business, agriculture and livestock breeding.

“We want to help more Dayaks venture into agriculture, livestock and business on a small, medium or large scale in inline with our Dayak leaders’ and Prime Minister’s aspiration to see more business and agricultural entrepreneurs in the Dayak community.”