Govt mulls bringing back 1 sen coin

The Star:

KANGAR: The one sen coin might be reintroduced.

[size=150]Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin proposed that the coin be reintroduced to reduce the expenses of the public.[/size]

He said the Government would discuss the proposal with Bank Negara.

The prices of goods are now rounded up to the nearest five sen. There have been complaints that some retailers purposedly priced their goods at figures such as RM1.98 or RM1.99 for the items to be rounded up to RM2.

Muhyiddin also said the [size=150]public should be mentally prepared to face an increase in the prices of goods.[/size]

He was speaking to reporters after meeting committee members of Barisan Nasional branches in Perlis on Thursday.

:mrgreen: 1 sen coin will be able to reduce expenses??? By how much??? :mrgreen:
Now the government has taken back the subsidy for the transportation companies (lorries) and they will start to increase the transportation charges very soon, sugar price increase coupled with the expected increase in RON95 & Diesel by next month… can’t imagine what will happen to the cost of living :roll:

Another related news from Star

Muhyiddin refutes claims Govt not doing enough for people

KANGAR: Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin has refuted claims that the Government is not doing enough to help the people face rising prices.

He said the [size=150]Government has been providing assistance to the people, including subsidies totalling RM20bil a year, to help ease their burden.[/size] :lol:

This was in addition to channelling and providing assistance and facilities for their benefit, Muhyiddin said.

“The Opposition is accusing the Government of not helping the people. The Government is actually striving to control the situation,” he said during a visit to Pulau Ketam, near here, Thursday.

Pulau Ketam was Muhyiddin’s first stop in his one-day, event-packed visit to the state. The Opposition, Muhyiddin said, would criticise the Government even if the rising costs were due to external factors, such as climate change which destroyed crops and the rise in global crude oil prices.

[size=150]He called on the people to embark on prudent spending [/size](how about government lavish spending and wastage of funds on useless and over-valued projects), apart from striving to increase their income by utilising the facilities provided by the Government (such as…???). - Bernama

He is just a bullshitter !!! :twisted:

if they can save 20bil a year, what will they use that money for?

Probably brain surgeon. You know…to check if their brains are damaged.

Bukan bullshit. Real ■■■■. it doesn’t reach the intended target.

Look at the 1Malaysia laptops recently given to those student family income below RM2000? I bet 80% of them actually earn much more than that and receive it which is unfair to our tax money! Just an example of how the other subsidies does not reach it’s target audience. Yet these people complain the government don’t give them enuf! Wait till PR takes over I hope they would be much stricter on such giveaways or application for loans. Let it be fair for those who actually follow the regulations on submitting their real salary/income instead of those fake pay slips. They drive ninja king, own few cars, big bungalow yet they enjoy those ‘benefits’. Hell I even hear government workers children not entitled to that 1Msia laptop. Waste of tax money when it’s given to the rich.

He forgot to mention govt subsidies to cronies IPP.

btw, is it true that a loaf of bread will cost 20 cts more tomorrow?