Govt jobs vs Private which one is best for the India youth

Todays youth is more concerned about the career security and in India private jobs are no longer safe. This is the only reason employees prefer to be a government sector employee so that they can avail the lifetime security and can get maximum benefits from their employment.

No doubt in Private sectors a person can earn large percentage of the salary comparative to the salary offered in government sector but the main issue is there is no guarantee that for how much time you will be getting the same from the same company.

If you want a secured jobs then there is nothing best than to be a Government employee. Apart from the secured job it also gives you and your family a proud feeling in the society for being a government sector employee. Especially after the recession period public sector enterprises have become preferable over the other major private sectors in many aspects. The government jobs are always been connected for the lesser monetary benefits however with the 6th pay commission the situation related to public sector jobs has also been changed.

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