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Friday December 7, 2007

Government fighting graft well

PETALING JAYA: Fifty-three per cent of Malaysians surveyed for the Global Corruption Barometer 2007 said the Government was effective in fighting corruption.

However, 37% of the 1,250 polled thought the efforts were ineffective in the results, which were released yesterday. The survey was conducted on behalf of Transparency International by Gallup International Associ-ation as part of its Voice of the People Survey.

For the Asia-Pacific region, Singapore had the highest approval rating, with 88% of its population saying their governments efforts were effective. This was followed by Hong Kong with 82% while Japan occupied the last spot with 8%.

A total of 63,199 people in 60 countries were surveyed between June and September this year for the poll.

Key findings of the barometer included the poor being the most penalised by corruption and being more pessimistic about corruption in the future; bribery was especially widespread in interactions with the police, judiciary and registry and permit services; and about one in 10 people had to pay a bribe in the past year.

Six per cent of Malaysians polled said they had paid a bribe to obtain services, the survey found.

It also found that 18% of Malaysians believed that corruption would decrease in the next three years while 63% thought it would increase.

Malaysians gave a ranking of 3.7 to the police in their perception of the corruption they perceived to exist in various sectors and institutions. (1 indicates not at all corrupt, while 5 indicates extremely corrupt). Political parties got a ranking of 3.6 while religious bodies were ranked 1.9.

Transparency International Malaysias president Tan Sri Ramon Navaratnam said the findings showed that the people still did not have enough confidence in the Governments efforts to fight corruption where the Anti-Corruption Agency lacked resources and tough legislation.

It is far too high. And I believe the mother of all corruption lies in money politics, he said, adding that corruption had a very serious socio-economic and political impact on society and would erode foreign investors’ confidence if left unchecked.

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