Gov vet in miri?

Hi all :slight_smile:

so sorry, i malas to check if there is any topic on this, but a quick one to ask do we have any gov vet in miri?

Thank you

Unfortunately not. I asked the same question a few months back and was informed that the only one we had was closed down a few years ago.

I once did post a reply on the same question months back. There is the govt vet on the pujut highway opposite CIMB. It is a white concrete bungalow and can only be noticed when you turn left to boulevard commercial from the highway as the road side is heavily covered with trees and bushes. It had ceased treating dogs and cats many years back so I don’t know what exactly it is doing now. You can always drive in and enquire as the gate is open during working hours. :slight_smile:

About a year ago, i drove there just to check whether they provide vet treatment. Sadly, they didnt have such service.