Google Taking-Over Boston Dynamics - One Of The Robot Maker

Last week, we know where Andy Rubin ( former head of Android ) is leading the development of robots in Google . Now, in an effort to further strengthen the technology behind it , Google appears to have taken over another company that focuses on the robotic , the Boston Dynamics .

Google previously available to take over approximately 7 robotic technology -focused company , and Boston Dynamics became the eighth overtaken Google for their projects that still remain secret .

For now, the Google project is still secret . But some speculation says Google will focus more on the robots in warehouses, factories and logistics for first.

However , with Boston Dymnamics acquisitions , perhaps we will see more interesting projects from Google to focus the world of robotics .

In addition to the robot project , the existing Google also has some interesting projects , including automatic driven car , Google Glass, and also an attempt to extend the age of man.