Good news in miri

We seen a lot of news in the west side from the internet… but seldom we heard about what is going on WELL in Miri… so let’s start talking good stuff , news about Miri… okie…

:lol: :lol:

Yea, there are lots of negative noises news these days all over Malaysia. But nontheless, here’s at least some positive news back here at home:

thanks jack… at least we start with one… which is a good start to…keep on rolling …k…hehe

Thanks! What was needed for a while.

Im in, wanna keep updates on miri… :slight_smile:

GCM is going thru major renovation next year.

M2 Square Shopping Comples is on tender now.

Ming Cafe is being sued for music piracy.

music piracy? is it the cds they played are pirated ones? or they are dealing wit pirated cds?

every coffee shop must have license for playing music. if u dun, u will get a court summon and will be fined up to 20k (as per MCafe’s case).