Good lines for laugh

[left][b]1) To make it straight, she pulls it. To make it stand, she rubs it.
To make it stiff, she put it in her mouth to work on it. To put it in,
she pushes it. It is a hell of a job threading a needle!!!

  1. A guy donated blood to his girlfrind. When they broke up, he wanted
    his blood back. The girl threw a bloody kotex at him and said, ‘I’ll pay
    you in monthly installment.’

  2. 4 miracles of a woman : Getting wet without taking a shower.
    Bleeding without getting hurt. Giving milk without eating grass.
    Making boneless meat hard.

  3. What is the smallest hotel in the world? The answer is 'Vagina Inn ’ It accommodates only 1 standing occupant with his 2 baggages left outside.

  4. Unborn twins saw a penis approaching
    1st: Papa coming, papa coming
    2nd: U fool, it’s uncle lah. Papa never comes with raincoat !’

  5. A hubby said to his wife, ’ I will take a photo of your breast and
    frame it.’ The wife said to husband, ‘I will take a photo of your penis
    and enlarge it.’

  6. A girl
    At 15 is a SURPRISE.
    At 25, she is the RIGHT PRICE.
    At 35, a GRAND PRIZE.
    At 55, she is a DOOR PRIZE and
    At 65, a GIVAWAY PRIZE.

  7. What did Snow White complain about after having sex with the 7
    dwarfs? Snow White said, ’ I would rather have 7 inches at 1 time. Not
    1 inch 7 times.’

  8. The vagina is the world’s best rehabilitation center. Even the
    most violent and aggressive penis comes out humbled, head bowed and
    reduced its swollen head size.

  9. A loving husband had ‘I Love You’ tattoed on his dick. When he
    got home, he showed it to his wife. She said, ‘There u go again trying
    to put words in my mouth.’

  10. Lady was trying on dress. Husband: ‘Your bum is as big as a BBQ
    pit!’ Later in bed, husband said, ‘Want to do it?’
    Wife: ‘It’s a waste lighting up a BBQ pit for a small sausage.’ [/b][/left]

Hahaha lol. Priceless joke.

This is what I call a good 18sx joke. :smiley:

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what a xxx jokes!under 18 cant go here

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flip n fall off PC

lol really nice and real jokes rite?

heh heh heh - A good laugh, always brighten up the rest of the day.
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