anyone know how to hit golf balls??? i want to learn…

use a golf club.

lols !!!

go to driving range… watch n learn how they do…

make sure u ask a PRO to guide u with ur swing dun wrong.

there is a pro teaching golf at Eastwood Valley Golf and Miri Golf Club. can try there. not sure the rate.

I think the best ways is to get a hammer and hit the ball hard…See what will happen :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

i think golf in malaysia is an elitish, pompous, exclusive sport. People who runs it made it that way for their big egos. Which is why we only have a handful of golfers which are not world class because the potential ‘good’ golfers are left out of the sport.

last time when i study in NZ, i join the school team for golf, they provide everything free for ur to practice on the golf coast.
It was enjoying when i get to swing the ball further away compare to other member.