Going to MIRI


I’m from Shah Alam, Selangor, going to Miri this weekend to visit my son who is on NS training. His camp is at Sooh Hup Villa, Lot 13, Lambir Land District, Jalan Sg Rait, Off Bakam Road, Miri. I would appreciate any info that anyone has on this camp, be it, the location, a map, pictures, anything & everything.


Ps. wouldn’t mind get info on hotels and food outlets in Miri, esp. the best seafood restaurant! :smiley:

hi silent1… Welcome to MC.net man… you are right on the spot to find out what we have in Miri…

Check out the link below to gain a bit more info on Food in Miri…

Where to Eat?
Food of Miri
Recommend places to have breakfast in Miri??

Will come back with more info of hotel… if I don;t surely someone will… so stay tune… :wink:

Thanks, smallee for the warm welcome!

Read the threads … WOW! what an oasis of information on food! :shock: Very helpful.
I have to try your Sarawak Laksa, Kolok Mee and a big must of your Miri Bak Kut Teh! :lol: Something I am familiar with! :smiley:

Look forward to your reply on hotels + the best seafood in Miri. But not to forget, any news on the NS camp? :wink:

Just curious…would silent1 have known Miri existed if his/her son wasn’t training there? He appears to be a total blank on your neck of the woods! Much like 99 out of 100 Canadians don’t know there is a Malaysia!

Won’t be suprise bcoz if u ask me, a lot of places in Malaysia, I do not even know as well…that’s why we have MC.net to promote…and hope more and more ppl will know we are here… :lol:

i think we have to on you to promote to those 99 canadians over there then… and make sure you touch more on Miri ya… :wink:

Welcome & Selamat Datai Silent1… :slight_smile:

Pertaining 2 d hotels, mayb u cn tell us yr preference so tat we cn offer our recommendations… :smiley:

As 4 d info on NS camp…still workin on it so hangin on ter… :wink:

Don’t worry, Miri is not a jungle city as some projected it to be…

the NS Camp is about 30 mins drive from city center (traffic should not be a problem). It’s located in undeveloped rural areas. Just thought you’d know if you’re doing the driving. If you’re going by taxi it should be no problem.

No pictures, sorry, because like, nobody ever goes there.

And unfortunately, its a bit located “right in the middle of the jungle”.

I’ve attached a map, but it’s a bit far so it’s off it.

:lol: :lol: :lol: My day job insist that I know my Malaysian geography to a certain extend. However, my knowledge just scratches the surface & therefore my want to learn more about Miri from people who actually lives there. I believe that they are fine people like you. :smiley:

Places of interest like Mulu Caves, Miri’s ‘facts & figures’, economic activitives, like oil & gas, Curtin U etc etc are well featured on the internet. To know the place to is know its people. They practically know the in & out of Miri, for xample, when to avoid downtown traffic, the better restaurants to eat … when & what. :lol: :lol: :lol: That reminds me, what’s the name of the best seafood restaurant, again!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Yingyang, I’ll let you in on a little secret
… phoned Miri yesterday & in the conversation (dunno if it’s a Miri local or not) asked about the location of the training camp … the reply, “Do we have a NS camp in Miri!!!” :roll: :shock: No need to ask any further, so that’s how I landed here in MC.net! :cry: In any case, I would be much obliged to you for any information that you can render, it will help! Thanks.

Actually Soon Hup Villa is quit a nice place to visit. It’s not as jungle as some people thought it would be. :slight_smile: There was a few fishing pond wihch surrounded by all kinds of fruit trees there, with beautiful scene.And you can actually stay overnight at there. But I’m not so sure about the location of the camp, whether it’s inside Soon Hup Villa or just the area near there.

THANK YOU all you fine people for the warm welcome & info! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Keep it coming!!! Every bit helps :wink: :lol:

THANK YOU all you fine people for the warm welcome & info! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Great to hear from fletcheru, ladybird, ian, yingyang & smallee AND DRAGONFLY (Just added u) :lol: I believe there is more! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Keep it coming!!! Every bit helps :wink: :lol:

There’s some pictures of the camp at this link.


The NS Camp is located just right next to Soon Hup Villa.

[quote=“dragonfly”]There’s some pictures of the camp at this link.


Great pics!
Must oso thank Jason aka diehard! Wonder if it is diehard I or II? :lol:

Welcome Silent1 to MC.net…Hope you will enjoy ur trip here.

And I tort the NS camp was the Soon Hup Villa … :roll:

PS. Must oso thank the sponsors.

LOL…I wudnt b surprise…even sm of Mirianz dsnt knw wer is Curtin… :shock:

I second that notion ladybird.

And I tort the NS camp was the Soon Hup Villa …

It might as well be, it’s just a stone’s throw away.