Go Kart

Go Kart, where got? My friend planning to have one and i am the one who busy body wanna know where got people sale this Go Kart or trusted online site to order. Place where to play i know where. No need these info’s. Place to buy and place who have it all i needed. :wink:

my friend order one at alibaba website last time cost he around 4k with tax and postage

give me that link to alibaba bro?

Years ago I went to MOFAZ Jalan Damansara, KL to ask info on their go karts. There’s also a go-kart track around USJ but unlike Miri, they provide rentals. Don’t know whether they still sell the Rotax go kart but it could be quite costly…around RM 22-25k (at that time). Anyway try contacting them:
Customer Care Department
Mofaz Group Of Companies
2007, Wisma Mofaz,
Jalan Damansara
60000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: (603) 7952 6888
Fax: (603) 7728 2486
Email: enquiry@mofaz.com
Website: www.mofaz.com
Or you can call Kuching go kart rental (Velocity Indoor Go Karting) and ask them whether you can buy from them if they have any for sale. Their phone number is 082-339558. The units they have on rentals are using a four-stroke engine and not as powerful as those Rotax.

MOFAZ, already let my friend call their office…

what is your budget?

i got 2 units for sale…100cc and 125cc…racing spec…PM me if interested…=)

dear ch3n, i cannot use my pm…donnoe what happen…u can text me at 0198813636… thanks.=)