Go all out against loan sharks

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Saturday, June 6th, 2009

Go all out against loan sharks
By Mohamad Abdullah

Traders want cops to use Ops Cantas Kenyalang to wipe out illegal activity

MIRI: The police have been urged to extend Ops Cantas Kenyalang, which is aimed at curbing gangsterism in Sarawak, to cover their campaign to wipe out Ah Longs or loan sharks.

Police must enforce their task to arrest these Ah Longs apart from monitoring their activities and public complaints must be acted on immediately, Bumiputera Petty Traders Association (PBMS) president Abdul Hadi Arbi told The Borneo Post.

Abdul Hadi said Ops Cantas Kenyalang should be used to nab those involved in loan shark activities, through an integrated operation by the relevant agencies, including the Home Ministry.

If stern action is not taken, these Ah Longs will resort to collecting money from borrowers using drastic means, he added.

The PBMS president said petty traders were often the target of Ah Longs.

He said he knew of some petty traders here who had suffered at the hands of Ah Longs, and some who had even resorted to fleeing to other divisions in order to escape the loan sharks.

However, he said, there had been no official reports lodged with the police because the traders feared for their safety.

Abdul Hadi said the situation here and Sarawak in general, could become serious if not handled accordingly by the autho-rities as Ah Longs openly advertised their services.

He also called on the government to make loans easily available to petty traders through financial and government agencies to help their businesses grow.

There are currently 500 registered PBMS members in Miri, Bakong and Bekenu.

Meanwhile, Persatuan Kontraktor Melayu Malaysia Sarawak branch vice-chairman Mohammad Tinggal Abdul Hamid said the association supported the governments move to curb Ah Long activities.

Its simple, dont borrow money from Ah Longs, he stressed.

He advised Bumiputera traders to go through financial institutions or government agencies for financing and urged the government to check the effectiveness of agencies such as Mara. Tinggal noted that applications of some contractors for funds from certain agencies were approved, but they had yet to receive the money.

This, he said, prevented the contractors from applying for funds from private institutions because of the delay in disbursement.

say no to ah long!

I know a good place to get financial aid

Amanah Ikthiar Malaysia

Its from the government…

ah longs need to survive as well

they lend money when others have rejected you

show some respect please

Sometime my friends really called me “Ah long” due to the similarity of the job… :oops: :oops: