Girl molested, father lodges police report

MIRI: A 37-year-old man lodged a police report yesterday after his 10-year-old daughter was allegedly molested by a man at a Ramadan bazaar near Indoor Stadium here yesterday.

The man who sells drink at the bazaar said the incident happened around 11am when most stall operators busy at their stalls.

“My daughter and her five-year-old brother who were with me working at the bazaar wanted to go to a toilet located nearby.

“They went by themselves. On their way to the toilet, the alleged molester stopped them and shook hand with my daughter before touching her private part,” he said when met outside Miri Central Police Station (CPS) after lodging the report yesterday.

He added that the suspect also shook hands with his son.

“After that, he touched my daughter’s private part again for the second time. It was during that time, my younger brother who was also at the bazaar caught the man in the act,” he claimed.

The man said his brother then yelled at the man who immediately took his hands off the girl and ran towards a lorry. It is learnt that the man work as a labourer with a transportation company that delivers goods to the stall operators at the bazaar.

Police are investigating.

Source: The Borneo Post

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