Girl, 17, falls 11 floors to her death while sneaking out

Girl, 17, falls 11 floors to her death while sneaking out

PUTRAJAYA: A Form Five student fell to her death when she lost her grip while climbing down from her 11th floor flat to the unit below using a blanket tied to the window of her apartment here early yesterday.

A police spokesman said Nurul Farah Mazlan, 17, was disallowed by her parents to meet up with her girlfriend living a floor below and decided to tie the blanket to a window of her flat and climbed down at about 4am at Block 8B3 of Phase 8 apartments at Precinct 9 here.

Residents, who heard a loud thud found her groaning in pain on the ground and took her to the Putrajaya Hospital where she died at about 5.20am.

Nurul Farahs father, Mazlan Hassan, 51, was too distraught to speak to the press.

The victim, a student of a secondary school in Precinct 9, was buried at the Taman Selatan Muslim cemetery in Precinct 20.

Putrajaya OCPD Supt Abdul Razak Abdul Majid said there was no foul play and classified the case as sudden death.

Initial investigations showed that it was not suicide, he said here yesterday.

reported in buletin utama tv3 last nite.
did not mention she was sneaking out though…
this is from

wow, sneaking out downwards on 11th floor! Thats very high! Rest in peace.

I smelled khidmat Negara training skillz related to this.

Aduh, another sad story ‘starring’ youngsters… This can easily be solved if there are trust between parents and children. Children should be frank and let their parents know their whereabout, as for parents, dont so ‘hard- headed/sturborn’ (degil), give some freedom to your children laaa…

Hmm, my bros n I used to always tell parents where we goin and they r more than happy to send us there. Haha, no need to sneak out n climb any window. Now thou can drive sendiri ll still let them know (occasionally, hehe).

It’s not only a problem with the youngsters.

My sister had her notebook computer stolen off of her apartment in KL. On the 9th floor. She left the window open. The security camera captured a vid of the thieving bastard going out, but not going in. Even though they had a clear video of him, the police even said that he is well known for stealing and has been caught before (!!! Ineffective laws).

Now I have an impression that there are more spidermen/women in KL than previously though.

There is a person named Batman Bin Suparman, could it be him?

Possibly. :mrgreen:

That’s a Singaporean right?

R.I.P :expressionless:

Ai~~~!!! So sad to hear that. Kesian to the gal and the parent too.

May her soul R.I.P. :frowning:

Now, you guys dont go name your kids Cicakman ok… kena copyright nanti… hahahahahaha

back then they didnt hv as much cases of children been kidnapped. Not only that, u’re in MIri rite? Its different here.

I saw this on the news last nite, but they didnt mention she was sneaking out. Tot it was suicide actually, being form 5 and all that. Using a blanket? Thats totally not secure.

I used to sneak out by waiting till the parents went to sleep then go out. Out the front door of course.