Ghosts? now the whole truth!

check this out!

Wow… My favorite subject… for a laugh. Didn’t believe any of it.

lol… neither anyone does believe in it too…

coz most of the pictures i seen, it’s all photoshopped… can’t believe any of them to be exactly real!..

:mrgreen: The pictures may or may not be fake but I think most people believe in the existence of ghosts just like me. I believe in the afterlife.
Ghosts are spirits of those who have died but never went back to the spirit world.
You may not have experienced it yet but if you do encounter one especially a bad one, I bet you will lao sai in your pants :mrgreen:

Awwww… i am so scare right now!!

lao sai or not, it is true what supsupsui said, people only say that not scared of ghost and all those BS… but when jumpa one! i tell you lah!, scare until cannot even move! hahaha

they are real. just dont play play makes fun of them. wearing skull or skeleton design t-shirts or pasting posters of evils gore artworks and evil design tattoos attracts them to you. even simple watching of horror movies at home at night is an invitation to them to come visit you.

Ghosts? Spirits? The whole truth?
No evidence exists that they are real. impossible to disprove though, so if you choose to believe it is up to you.

many people didnt believe it. but once they saw ppl possessed. then they will believe.

terryleong, can I use your avatar?

put some ghost video…

haha… try looking up for anthony padilla (smosh) on google…

ghosts videos are useless… they can fake lots of them! :expressionless:

Ghost = Human …Human beings are more scary than ghost