Ghost in spore carpark … r_embedded

scary oh!

was that a show…or really happen

look like fake de eh… haha

ROFL HD security camera hahahahaha

Not to mention, the counter shows a 3 minute of recording. High resolution use of numbers again. :mrgreen:

true…guess all we all can say is…is FAKE ><

tell the fake video maker go jump off the nearest hdb flat.

big fat FAKE

@#$%! :evil: the last part reali give me a shock. :mrgreen:

actually this video is to trick people one… :lol:

Yeah…you can said that again…
nasib i don’t have sakit jantung…

from my experience…ghost RARELY show themselves very very clear

:twisted: next time get a funny one, u nearly give me heart attack :mrgreen:

this is a lame joke :twisted:

they live like chickens in those HDB flats…20 banglas to a room