Getting rid of cement splatters on car?

I was driving along the Pujut-Lutong road sometime last week when I ran over a pothole filled with fresh concrete near the pujut 7 traffic junction. I have no idea why the bloody incompetent government servants did not barricade the area until the concrete dries up and am too pissed off to think about it. Now there’s specks of concrete stuck to the front of my car. Tried to remove some of it by scratching it off gently but resulted in hairline scratches. When I looked at the bottom of my car… Well, I’ve attached some photos so you can see the extent of the damage.

Now, the big question is - where can I send my car to have the concrete properly and carefully removed? Appreciate your thoughts on this. Thanks.

Wow what a bummer…maybe vinegar as can help as mentioned in an autopia forum, hope it helps

I’ve read that vinegar will dissolve it, but I’ve never tried it. I suppose the trick would be to keep it wet by using a towel or a sprayer. It might also depend on how old and the type of concrete mix.

Vinegar is definitely the way to go. I recently did a car that had splatter over most of the horizontal surfaces. I tore soft paper towels into small squares and soaked them in white vinegar. After laying them over each spot and leaving them for 20 minutes or so, the cement either dissolved completely or the speck that remained came away from the paint without marring.