Gerbang Perdana’s claim balloons to RM360mil


Monday July 3, 2006

Gerbang Perdanas claim balloons to RM360mil

KUALA LUMPUR: The controversial RM100mil compensation sought by Gerbang Perdana Selatan Bersepadu Sdn Bhd for the cancellation of the Johor half-bridge project has shot up to RM360mil.

Unamused, Works Minister Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu said the contractor has asked for all sorts of compensations which the ministry could not entertain.

I have directed Public Works Department director-general Datuk Dr Wahid Omar to conduct an investigation into the claims, Samy Vellu said after opening the Malaysia Hindu Sangam annual general meeting yesterday.

Everything will be done like an Anti-Corruption Agency probe. I have instructed Dr Wahid not to be afraid of anybody and do what he thinks is right, and to report only to me.

He said Gerbang Perdana had been given until July 11 to provide all the documents to justify their claims.

The RM100mil compensation claim had resulted in a tiff between Samy Vellu and Public Accounts Committee chairman Datuk Shahrir Samad who asked the ministry to negotiate the amount as the company had been given a RM470mil highway project in return.

Samy Vellu said the ministry had completed its investigation on the work Gerbang Perdana had done and determined the appropriate quantum for the compensation, adding that it was much less than what they asked for.

I can’t tell the amount until it has been brought to the Cabinet. What we have seen from documents, payments made, cheques and personalities (involved), everything has been checked and thats how we know the quantum. It is not RM360mil.

Samy Vellu said that if Gerbang Perdana failed to produce all the documents by the deadline, the ministry would submit its proposed quantum to the Prime Minister and Cabinet for approval.

If they fail to submit all the documents, we will decide that they will not get any compensation or just a little.

Is this company going to manage the bridge when its built like collect toll, bridge maintenance contract promised by the gov(?), that will provide furture earnings?

If so, there will be some abortion clause in the contract based on lost of future earnings that the RM360mil bill is based on.

The Bad Part still is…we are the ones paying for it…what a mess…looks like higher taxation and other ways to suck us dry will be raise in future

its best to make public all the relevant claims and documents for scrutiny. hell those clowns in the govt are wasting our hard earned money like nobody’s business.

Funny How easy it goes rite…they tax us to make us have all sorts of stuff that is supposively convenient to our everyday life(I have nothing against that) …but when something goes wrong like this …want to use our money to pay those money thirst people who didn’t do their job making us convenient at all…now the bridge is like what …just 0.1 percent out of hundred upon completion…and it cos Millions and Millions…hell ten ringgit also hard to fork out what to say that millions…