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Ahem, testing 1… 2… 3…

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Hello everyone. Testing the chat feature I’ve just enabled. Drop a quick message here to test it out. :grinning:

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Hi hi

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Anyone, is there someone know some workshop that repair kancil clutch under 400? If there is, let me know. I need to repair it.

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Guys, do you think Miri’s economy is really stalled or in other words “dead”?

(william) #10

As long Taib Government remains. We as whole swakian need to feed GLC msia and service debt to other west msia state. while we remain … u fill it.

(william) #11

Bad scenario too if PH capture Swak in next state election . Passport restriction and worker permit removed. we will have more banglas and rich franchisers and individuals from west pillaging swak natural resources. so i dont know, both evil seems lose -lose.

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eg. look at Sabah

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Another test for the General chat category.

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Testing 1 2 3

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