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Hello everyone. Testing the chat feature I’ve just enabled. Drop a quick message here to test it out. :grinning:


Hi hi

Anyone, is there someone know some workshop that repair kancil clutch under 400? If there is, let me know. I need to repair it.



Guys, do you think Miri’s economy is really stalled or in other words “dead”?

As long Taib Government remains. We as whole swakian need to feed GLC msia and service debt to other west msia state. while we remain … u fill it.

Bad scenario too if PH capture Swak in next state election . Passport restriction and worker permit removed. we will have more banglas and rich franchisers and individuals from west pillaging swak natural resources. so i dont know, both evil seems lose -lose.

eg. look at Sabah

Another test for the General chat category.

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