Geforce 9800GTX Or ATi HD4850 HIS Big Fan

which one is better?and which one should i buy?

Use google and do ur homework… Both very good, no bad part. See u want to play Graphic game or FPS game only.

Nvidia card good in Graphics, and ATi cards always score extreme high FPS.

The price for both card also different. … .html?prod[2065]=on&prod[2116]=on

Just read this. A rough idea.

hmm…hard 2 decide leh…

Here some advice, get nvidia card. It doesn’t matter if the 9800 architecture is outdated (cause it is Geforce 8 series with die shrinkage). nVidia offers better drivers support for games. I have been the user of Gainward ATI HD 4850GS and XFX 9800GTX+(on two separate machine). From my experience, most games(and i mean most new games) run better on nvidia. There are so many problem with ATI drivers for new games. ATI usually take their “sweet time” when it come to graphic drivers for game. There isnt any new beta or hotfix being released often. Thus, user needs to wait very long until the Catalyst drivers is being released. Worse still, customers feedback always being ignored. On the other hand, Nvidia respond to users feedback and the fix usually works unlike ATI.

Take the latest example of optimized driver from recently ATI Catalyst 8.12 and Nvidia Big Bang drivers.
Nvidia Big Bang drivers clearly provided better speed (fps) than ATI 8.12. In fact, many of my games which are running previously(on 9800gtx+) slower than ATI4850(Catalyst 8.12) are faster with the big bang drivers than .

i dunno about card, because they dont really last forever in my opinion, but i do care about thier driver a lot, they last longer life-time then the card itself.

Nvidia are slow in gamefix, although is rare that they will cause any game graphic glitch. Nvidia are very friendly to OpenGL, mean tranparency works VERY fast (helps in 3D editing). and thier driver sometime wait till old also wont come out. and works, even they come out new driver for new gfx, the new driver rarely, RARELY boost older gfx architecture or algorithm. i believe when they come out with Nvidia 10series card, the new driver doesnt boost 9series card at all. ( but with thier bigbang driver, how long and how much(series) will it release? dont later 10series out, they wont be bigbang for 9 series?

ATI in other hand, not openGL friendly, always have problem with games, need a lot game patch fixes, and directX10 fixes, and even ATI driver fixed, but u can expect the fixes release within 1-2 month. ATI cards (here refer as any other brand, asus, HIS, etc, because they uses ATI chip and standard board design and modify) are game sensity, they Do, sometimes picky on game. some game run fine some dont(as in artifact)… but they are just fast, plain fast, raw power.
but what i really really love about ATi is thier driver, will boost all generation (unless discontinue,) of cards performance. even new HDdriver will boost X-series card too…

get nvidia if u play with 3D works a lot, autocad?
if u are those who always goes online to update/maintain ur computer a lot, ATI.

i uses both brand of card, i still like ATI, coz x700 can even play fallout3 smooth smooth(X700 not even min requirement recommended to run fallout3), while nvidia 8800GT, cant even start, still cant find the problem.

edit: aisks, my opinion very contractic with JohnLai opinion. but its just our 2cents. ATI take thier time because usually the driver is to fix all series of card so it wont have same the glitch on every other card. Nvidia, usually just fix 1/series card only, until other card report only they cont fix, so is 1 by 1,… if there is enough complain, else is ignore. IF fund/cost to create a driver fix is higher then cost of losing the game exclusiveness, they ignore it. :frowning:

i’m using Nvidia 8600 GT TurboCache and i dun have any problem playing fallout 3… So i dun know y ur Nvidia is acting that way.

As for ATi, with all the enhancements of HD and stuff, Its still sad to see y they have compatibility problems with almost every game i played and used to play (fallout unincluded)

My experience with Nvidia is its tendency to get ‘overheated’ when it’s performing at its max. It’ll say driver crash and my game crashes with it, sometimes it recovers in time before the game crashes so all u get is a frame freeze for a little while (2 sec tops?) My laptop had this problem and when i touch it, it became damn hot when it crashes my game… it stopped when i bought a laptop cooler fan… for my older desktop using the 5600 Nvidia (i think so…) it never had this problem becox i bought those graphic card cooler fans (Is that what it’s called, I’m not exactly a pc hardware genius. Or izit a graphic accelerator?)

But my friend complained that ATi only works with mainstream games. Anything not from EA or similarly big and maybe crappy companies will have graphic problems

i thought Nvidia has less heat issue then ATI? lol ATI rawwww power GPU… while nvidia play smart in GPU

depend on manufacturer, diff software are included (or may not) to control fan on the VGA, or monitor the health (temp etc)

Heat issue, both brand got… the higher-end your GC is, the hotter the card will be…

SO buy 3rd party cooling fan like Thermalright… or some brands like HIS includes IceQ or IceQ turbo to cool the card.

o ya, 1st question. How fast ur motherboard, how much ur available RAM? those not enuf oso u get good graphic card useless oso

Most important is PSU…~

all those 3 if low, u get best graphic oso u need to lower the graphic settings in whatever ur playing, or else it’ll be Frame by frame action… :lol:

opps, forgot bout that

I just fitted my desktop with HD4870 few months ago, but I never have compatibility issues so far from all the bit hit games, eg. fallout 3, assassin’s creed, far cry 2, crysis, RA3, NFS undercover, Mercenaries 2, etc etc… and is soooo smooth even on highest setting :slight_smile: The only limiting factor is my CPU that performs a bit lesser for it. Had to fit a new PSU too because of insufficient PCIe cables and Watt.
The price for HD4870 used to be lower than it’s counterpart, nvidia 9800GTX. Now it’s the other way round. RM 930 vs RM 680… SoB… If you guys bother to google benchmark testing for respective graphic cards, which I based my decision on, HD4870 performs better than 9800 GTX in most games tested, and uses less power so it takes less blow on you when the electricity bill arrives.

well… you get what you pay for… you pay more for better graphics ma… 9800GTX benchmark aint very good but now TS budget not high, HD4850 is around RM6xx like tat. hehe…

any good site for gpu benchmarking?