Gas leak scare in Kpg Lereng Bukit

Gas leak scare in Kpg Lereng Bukit

Date Posted : Friday 23-Sep-2016

MIRI: An elderly man has the shock of his life after seeing fire spurt out from the ground following gas leak from the pipeline outside his house in Kampung Lereng Bukit here yesterday morning.

Saiee Isa, 76, made the shocking discovery at around 11.30am when he went to check the gas pipeline outside his house after his wife told him that there was no gas.

“When I went out to check the pipeline, I was shocked to see fire spurting from the ground. At the same time I also smelled gas leaking from the ground.

“I then contacted the Fire and Rescue Department for assistance,” he said when met at the scene.

Meanwhile a team of firemen from Miri station dashed to the scene upon receiving a distress call. They took about ten minutes to douse the fire before Petronas contractors arrived to inspect and repair the pipeline.

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