Garena Problem

Why everytime i on GG, start game, then local area Network.
I cant see anygame… Even i tunnel liao still cant see.
plus if I can see a game, i join, straight dc. need to re-on war3

Any solution?

I reckon you have your Warcraft 3 updated to the latest version right? Try look into the Garena settings under Warcraft 3, make sure the Executable is running at war3.exe and not any other shortcuts.

i checked everything. nth wrong leh

When you pressed “Start Game” on Garena, did the game just started automatically or did it gave some notice about compatibility?

terus start boh…

Hmmh, its been long since I’ve used Garena. Well I run out of options for now buddy I’m sorry I can’t help. My guess is that your Warcraft 3’s connection is not established under Garena’s LAN IP.

whats ur warcraft version. make sure its 1.21. most ppl still stick to that version. any other version you will not see any game.

If you play in room 2 then it’s better to have 1.24…Use a version switcher

I play warcraft on Garena … See if got ppl make game and they respond to your chat, if it works then it must be the version ur using now. currently im using ver 1.21.

yalah… using 1.21… cant see game >.<

Check your firewall to see whether its blocking both Garena and Warcraft 3.