Gangsterism problem in Miri

Gangsterism still a big problem in miri. Most of them ask for protection money. Why??? Protection from what??? We already pay the tax for protection from the gov… Where were police??? If this problem didn’t solve, i think all police better resign and we don’t need to pay tax anymore. Just pay to gangster for safety and protection.

Report to the police already?

yup report to… is … phail…

Err…i don’t pay protection money.wat bizniz r u in?

Where is DAP when you need them…

Where’s our enforcement instead of dap??

that is called extortion

guys, this thread is useless. What’s the point of complaining gangsterism here? won’t be able to solve your problems. Might as well go to the right authority. The other thing is don’t put forumers in suspense (not mentioning the nature of your business), this aint a speculation game. Do not waste the forumer’s time as I find this thread not beneficial.