GADS wants equal opportunities for Dayaks in govt’s policies

MIRI: Gagasan Anak Dayak Sarawak (GADS) hopes that the new federal government will give the Dayak community equal rights and opportunities in its economic policies and would not to be left behind in the implementation of digital economy by the state government.

Vicky Gulin Shandom

Its president Vicky Gulin Shandom urged Dayaks to be united and brave enough to compete with other communities.

“We encourage the Dayak community to unite so that their voices can be stronger, and give their full support to the government of the day to ensure that they will not be left behind in the progress and development of the state and nation,” he said in his Gawai Dayak message here yesterday.

Vicky hopes that the Gawai Dayak celebration will also become a platform to bring families closer together and help them put behind any problem that might have affected their relationship .

“For GADS, I pray that we will be blessed by our ‘Petara’ (God) with good yields and income, so that the Dayak community can be free from hardship and Dayaks would stand tall and be respected by other communities.”

He added that the Gawai Dayak Bazaar (GDB) organised by GADS which ended on May 26 was an effort by GADS to provide a platform for members of the Dayak community to venture into business.

He hope that GDB will continue to get good support from the Dayak community as well as businessman and corporate figures, to ensure that it would continue to be held and improve in years to come.

GADS hopes that the new year after the harvest season will be good year for the Dayak community in this state.