Hehehehe… :lol:

LMAO…rcvd tis frm my coll lst week n i liked d last pic d most…hehehe :wink:

wai piang ehh!! :lol: where did u get all this photographers photo from?? hahahahaha!!

:lol: Hehehe… pictures are from a forwarded email. :lol:

waa lol what pose also got

Art with style!

hahahahahaha…image019.jpg tore his pants!!! ahhahahahhaah!!!

So funny lah the part ‘terkangkang2’. :smiley: Picture describe a lot of things…

Hyperactive… your observation skills is quite good ya… haha :lol: :wink: jk…

some poses are only excusable if you have the relevant proper professional equipment (PPE- :lol:). That way you look like you know what you’re doing.