FWD:Society of Sarawakians Writing in English

Dear SOSWE members and friends,

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Our annual publication are still opened for those who still wants to contribute under these 3 categories:

Final submission will be 30 November 2006. Hopefully to publish before end of 2006 or early 2007.



  1. Rachel - A Penan Lady of Substance By David Hii
  2. Buda Caves By Abby Lau
  3. The Legend of Batu Bungsan Mulu By David Hii
  4. New Homes in the Forest By Chang Yi
  5. Longsan - Experincing the naming ceremony By Jennie Soh
  6. The King of Stone By Chang Yi
  7. A blessing to the people of Long Banga - Salt Spring By David Hii
  8. The Gawai according to the Bidayuhs By ChangYi
  9. Winter Solstice By Chang Yi
  10. Experiencing the Kaul Festival By Jennie Soh
  11. Shrimping Season By Chang Yi
  12. Mud Volcanoes By David Hii
  13. Bamboo Band By Petrus Abai
  14. Trip to Tai Bilong’s Farm By Abby Lau
  15. Mystery of Loagan Bunut UFO By Jean Lian
  16. Local Homestay with a historical background By Jennie Soh


  1. Please listen to me By Marcus Raja
  2. How to tough people get through a rough time By Chang Yi
  3. Two Seasons & another Life time in Nepal By Kho Yuk Chong
  4. The External City By Marcus Raja
  5. Of Treetops and Orang Utans By Dr. Loh Yunn Hua
  6. Facts or Fiction By Richard Tiong
  7. Creating Smart Kids the iodine way By Richard Ibuh
  8. Ten ways of finding a subject to write By Chang Yi
  9. Exotic Mexico By Li Yo Wei
  10. 50 years- A Reflection or the beginning of 2000 By Chang Yi
  11. Women in my Life By Kho Yuk Chong
  12. Autumn to Winter By Kho Yuk Chong
  13. A voice calling out By David Hii
  14. An affair to remember By Mulan
  15. Those were the days in Miri By Judy Morshidi (not yet submitted)


  1. Hari Raya Adilfitri By Judy Morshidi
  2. Chinese New Year Experience By Molly Wee
  3. All in a Day’s work By Voon Chen Thong
  4. A day on an Ostrict Farm By David Hii
  5. Ethnography - Experience through participation By Cheryl Sim
  6. A visit to Shanghai’s Musuem By Dr, Loh Yunn Hua
  7. Swimming and I By Siong Teck Yian
  8. Whilst in Sydney By Dr. Loh Yunn Hua


Simple poems SOSWE members

PS. Michael Chong has agreed to illustrate his skill as an artist for articles without pictures on references related to articles contributed by writers,

Thank you for all your support. Verbally, Dato Lau has agreed to sponsor but we have yet to receive any cash or cheque . We will make a courtesy call to him later.

Also a big thank you to Dave(dave@daveclucas.com) for helping us set up SOSWE website and getting the newsletter in order.

Thank you, dave.

Jennie Soh