FWD: Miri Road Bullies

I got this one “little experience” by this idiot road-bully QMG7221 (Black Wira c/w Overlarge black Spoiler).

I was on my way to send my daughter to tadika and on my way to work to the office last week Friday morning (after that very incident at LLB lobby on Thursday). We were driving from the airport road towards Miri City. He drove very slowly behind a Securicor van because this Securicor van was driving very slowly (at <40 km/h) on the right lane (in front of PFF/GOF camp); looked like this Securicor van wanted to turn right into the road to Miri Hospital. I was driving behind this black wira + a few others tailing behind me. So, I signalled, when I saw that it was “clear” on the left lane (using the left mirror) and moved to the left lane to avoid driving slowly on the right lane.

Suddenly, this black wira infornt of me also moved into my left lane without signalling whatsoever. So, I honked him so that we did not collide (but, I thought he wanted me to “accidentally” knock into him, so thats what he wanted? so that I pay him? I was thinking fast, my mind racing, heart thumping, my adrenalin rising…). But instead of giving way, he “squeezed” (rempit) his way into the left lane. Automatically, I slowed down, gave way of-course, (having attended that defensive driving course 2 years back gave me very good hints!), and I veered slowly more towards the left, (I could not move to the right lane back again because another blue/grey wira has taken my place and had overtaken this idiot black wira fast on his right).

Luckily it was near a bus-stop (in front of GOF camp), so I have “more space” to go to the left of this black wira. But wait! I saw a white van “parked” at this bus-stop in front of me! So, I braked and slowed down even more. The black wira purposedly did not move fast enough after he got into the left lane (purposedly wanting me to knock into this “parked van” at the bus-stop, he knew there was a “parked” van there, 'coz he was in front of me). He (on the left lane now) did not have the intention to overtkae this Securicor van (on the right lane). On top of that, I even saw his brake lights on, and he slowed down even more, purposedly about to stop in the left lane and blocked me in his path, so that I knocked this “parked van” on my left, or “accidentally” knocked him from the rear, thus making me at “fault”? (So that he could ask for “compensation”?..my mind again racing…)

Luckily, I saw a “clear” via my right mirror of the right lane, so I moved quickly back into the right lane. Instead of driving at a normal speed (about 60 km/h) on the left lane, this black wira “purposedly” continued to drive at about less than 40 km/h but, not only he drove on the left lane, he had taken and drove on “both lanes”! That is, he did not want me to get through via the right lane, after seeing me that I had changed to the right lane to overtake him. What I did was, I slowed down even more at below 35 km/h (now I was on the right lane, what to do?) with this black wira driving infront of me on “both lanes”! This idiot’s idea was to block me and preventing me from overtaking him in the right lane (or, the left lane). So, the rest of the cars behind me (I guessed they saw the whole episode and also did not want to be involved into trouble), also followed suit to drive slowly at the back of me. Eventhen, I saw nobody “dared” to drive nearer behind this black wira even on the left lane! (ie. next to me, on my left).

My conscience is clear, I did not want to “provoke” this idiot further. I just want to send my daughter to tadika and off to work!

Just before passing-by the Shell filling-station at Kpg Dayak (on our right, if you face Miri City from Lai Pau), this black wira turned left into the filter road (near St Columba’s) into Miri City, whilst I proceeded straight to St. Joseph’s round-about, passing-by the Tamu Muhibbah on the way (still I am sticking to the right lane, albeit slow at about 45 km/h, then). I was so relieved, gave a large sigh, (Alhamdulillah, nobody got hurt!) and continued on to send my 4-year old daughter to tadika and to work.

My main agenda was not wanting to get into “stupid” trouble. That is why, I let this black wira idiot had both the lanes all the way to Miri City! He must be very happy (and grinning all the way!) that morning after successfully bullying other road users on the road. He was accompanied by another man sitting infront in the passenger seat. I was glad I did not end-up having a troubled morning with this kind of idiots on our roads.

I should have, but I did not make a police report on the whole episode. I thought it was a small incident, and nobody got hurt? But, a “near-miss”, of course!

So, Watch-Out! with these hooligans, trouble-makers and road-bullies on our city roads!

All,please tell your family & friends to be aware when they are on the road. Especially ladies, please save the police number in your hand phone. Last week Thursday morning/lunch incident in SSB. One expat have a bad experience, his car being smashed for just honking when overtaking.

Watch out for these cars - QMD4997 (white Honda Civic), QSL7332 (Red Kenari), and QMB3226 (Grey 4WD Landcruiser), try to avoid them.

Keep the Miri Police HQ number handy, 085-43-3730, 085-43-3222, 085- 43-2533. Lutong Police 085-65-5202. And hope they will arrive in time if you get into trouble!