Furniture on urgent sale

I have 2 queensize beds, 8 seated Dining table, One set of sofa (3+2+1), 2 dressing Tables to sell on urgent basis…I have kept RM 1500 as complete price. Anybody interested or suggest where to sell?

got pic?

it will be better if you are able to show us the items pictures here?

i will post it by the end of day…also i have bicycle (only max 20 kms run)…


RM1500 for everything?

Yes for everything…except bicycle (RM 200)…all furniture are in very good condition…really feel very cheap…

Also refrigerator abt RM 500 under warranty…

hi wat kind of bicycle?..

I wuold really like to see the stuffs in pictures first. Especially the bicycle.

I missed to take snaps for other one more bed and dressing table…those are same like these one only pink in color…pm me if interested

you mean 1500 for all ???

Except bicycle and refrigerator…

include d tilam? where u live?

bicycle is how much?

pls dont include ur tilam… no body want ur smell

hey hey…everybody need that to clean baaa

RM 200 only

The queen Bed alone is how much?

RM 300…