Fun time

Remote F1 Boat race 8 June 2008 Curtin Univesity lake.

  • Monthly Race for Miri Team only
  • You can watch us practise every Saturday & Sunday at 3.00 PM

Where can i get this toy?

Hi Shane.

Go and watch us one of the SAT & SUN…ask question,anyone will be able to tell you.

For a start;
A body for the boat (New) cost RM 180 to RM 250

  • Offcause cost to suit the engine of 33CC / 35CC / 45CC / Superclass 45CC above
  • Normal Grass cutter machine (RM 5++ all depand) engine made into the boat engine…there are friends willing to help to do it.
  • Remote control RM 300++ & above according to the model)
  • Propeller custom made RM 200++
  • Custom made set of running gears (Radder/Shaft…etc) RM 200++

And a ready made will cause us around RM 2000/++ with customer superclass engines and also import engines too “ZENOAH WATERCOOL ENGINE”.

  • WE also turn aircool engine into water too.

I have 5 Boats (3 running & 2 waiting for me to set up)
My engine is "a grass cutter 45CC body with the Husvanna Chain-saw block…very power full…yet there are more powerful engine then mine.
I also have 2 import “ZENOAH” engine…1 running & 1 brand new ready to run.

FOO BROTHER RC TOYS MIRI is selling some of the boat parts HP 016-800-3389 Mr FOO

Some more pictures for you shane. This race was in Bintulu…2007

that look dangerous, the propellar might cut yer finger…huhu i wanna see this. curtin university lake right? i’ll be there if i got time.

Hi Ken,

Yes Before you reach Curtin Security Gate…thelake on the right, You got to turn into the sandy road

Picture - My Boat on the left “BLUE RED”

…Boat on the left