Fun and delicious way to forge unity


Wednesday July 18, 2007

Fun and delicious way to forge unity

MIRI: Forging national unity through food and games is the National Unity and Integration Departments latest campaign to bring Malaysians together.

Minister in the Prime Ministers Department Datuk Dr Maximus Ongkili said national unity and integration could be forged via the stomach instead of being confined to theories, ideas, seminars or conferences.

It should be done through a more joyful and interesting way and what better way than to enjoy it through games and sports and to taste each others food and drinks, he said during a unity gathering of students and youths here.

Let us make the process of forging integration and unity something that is fun and ‘delicious’ and not a process that is confined to lecture halls and seminar rooms, he added.

More than 200 young people from all states gathered here for three days of fun and food as part of the departments annual programme to foster better ties between youths from different states.

Dr Ongkili said he was pleased to note that there had been an increase in the movement of people from Sabah and Sarawak to the peninsula.

He stressed that after 50 years of independence, the level of understanding and tolerance among the people of different states have reached unprecedented heights.